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Solutions - an Overview

The increasing number of information security incidents and their implications on the organization leaves do not leave room for doubt – information security isn't a matter of concern for the CISO or the infrastructure manager only.

Information security and the risks related to it are issues that discussed during board and management meetings, accountant audits, different standards such as privacy protection law, potential customers etc.

Thus, the solutions offered by IPV Security Ltd adapted to the specific needs of the organization and focused in reducing the exposure and likelihood of critical organizational information assets' vulnerabilities by establishing proactive defense systems that do not cause any damage or delay in the production environment of the organization. The solutions are provided in different profiles in accordance to Solutions are provided in different profiles based on the concrete needs ("tailor made"), according to the following classifications:
  1. The area of ​​responsibility - the need and the guidelines of the Company's internal auditor differ substantially from those of the CEO or the CFO, as well as the CIO, and, of course the CISO or the infrastructure manager. For this reason, each official has its own unique area of responsibility and needs derived from it.
  2. The need - the need changes usually as a derivative from the area of responsibility. Whether it's reviewing the organizational information assets state of security, review of firewall rules, regular monitoring of network computing and obtaining alerts, compliance to standards (PCI-DSS and others) etc.
  3. Timetables- the solutions needed to single internal penetration test are fundamentally different from 24X7X365 network monitoring solutions and detecting abnormal activities.  Implementation timetables and duration are key factors in adjusting the relevant solution.
  4. The budgetary framework- the purpose of the different monitoring, audit and assessment solutions is to save resources investment by allocating resources to areas that are most critical to the organization. The budgetary framework has direct impact on select the optimal solution to the organization needs.

The following table illustrates the different kinds of solutions offered by IPV Security to its customers, based on their business area and needs.