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is an "In the cloud" analysis service designed to monitor and analyze various logs and reports provided by key IT infrastructure components to manage Information Security threats.

The cost of a data breach is directly affected mainly by two factors: detection and mitigation. The variety of threats and their sophistication makes the detection impossible using common IT operation monitoring tools. In addition, Information Security (IS) monitoring should be directly tied to those critical business assets we wish to protect. IPV Security's services are designed to enhance IS professionals and executives visibility via:

  • Consulting:
- Characterizing IS monitoring tools (SIEM, NBAD, Web site monitoring)
- Implementation and/or fine-tuning of IS monitoring tools
- Fine tunning of security products logging mechanism, reports and dashboards

  • Periodic Analysis:
- Security products (FW, IPS/IDS, WAF, SIEM, NBAD, NAC, DLP, MDM/MAM etc.) logs and reports analysis
- External vulnerability scanning (for example: PCI-DSS compliance)
  • Real-Time Cloud Service:
- Web Site – Detect change, Defacement and APT/Malicious code
- SIEM-as-a-Service

Be the first to know when your critical business asset is compromised or if it exposes its users to risks. With our monitoring services you will be able to respond fast and reduce exposures.