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Defacement/APT Monitoring

A real-time monitoring service, designed to detect critical WEB site defacement or a possible APT attack exploit. This service helps WEB site administrators to respond fast and restore the WEB site while ensuring user's satisfaction and loyalty.

A WEB site hack can be a result of several reasons:

  • Unsecured development containing backdoors
  • Use of an easy or a simple administrator's password
  • Unpatched infrastructure level (application or server) vulnerabilities


A hacked WEB site :

  • Can be visually changed (Defacement)
  • Might infect its visitor's client machines with malicious code in order to creat a Botnet zombie

          Defacement                                    Malicious Code


Our new monitoring and alert service, alerts WEB site owners by SMS or email on any of the above events, allowing fast recovery.

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