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Founded in 2005, IPV Security is focused in Information Security and Cyber Security consulting services combining security risk analysis with leading security audit & assessment solutions integrated into a unique, unified and innovative Business-Centric Security Analysis Services.

IPV’s top-down approach “the 3rd generation of security risk analysis” assists enterprises to protect critical information and business assets and ensure network security by pro-actively addressing the top critical issues; thus preventing costly data leakage, downtime and loss of reputation.

IPV Security offers a unique and innovative holistic approach to security risks audit & assessment by both mapping and pinpointing the security risks within the corporate IT network as well as by focusing on business aspects & contexts.

At the core of our methodology lies the focus on the customer’s business assets – i.e. analyzing the assets that are crucial to the business needs of the corporation and integrating them with a technical model of the IT systems and applications. The outcome is a holistic view of the Information Security Risks in the organization that is focused and prioritized on the immediate actions that need to be done in order to close and mitigate the critical security gaps. The services are offered on a continuous basis or as a one-time audit.