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IT Infrastructure Audit

This audit simulates attacks and penetration attempts into the organization’s servers (covering OSI layers 2-4). During the audit, IPV Security’s professional team map the physical IT infrastructure serving the organization’s critical assets in order to locate data security vulnerabilities.

This is followed by a quantitative threat and risk level probability and severity analysis of these assets. The audit allows relevant parties within the organization (IT management, security professionals and System administrators) plan a prioritized mitigation activities and consequently reduce security exposures and business risks.

The IT Infrastructure (OSI Layers 2-4) covered by the audit includes:

  •       Network elements such as Routers, Switches and load balancers
  •       Servers and System – Physical or Virtual
  •       Security elements – Firewalls
  •       Etc.

The audit analyzes security risks in the designated organizational IT environment and focuses on the critical business assets within it, by combining thorough technical analysis of the critical security vulnerabilities (found in the internal network) with precise mapping of the network’s threat sources.

The audit outcome includes a list of the findings and executable system wide recommendations, focused in the most critical business assets and the exposures that represent the highest security risks.

The audit covers the following threat sources: external (Internet Hackers), business partners, connected suppliers, remote connected users, external worm infections and more.

The audit report includes detailed and focused instructions as to how to mitigate the discovered exposures, and also recommends on any architectural and data security layers structure changes.