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External Penetration Test

The test objective is to simulate an attack from the public Internet. It is carried out in a “Black-Box” scenario, without any prior knowledge on the attacked network architecture and systems by a team of Ethical Hackers (“White Hat”).
The test presents the potential of attack attempts from professional malicious hackers (“Black Hat”) of causing actual damage such as: Information theft, Information falsification, Denial of Service etc. The test utilizes wide range of dedicated reconnaissance software tools designed to gather information on the tested environment.

The test results are then concluded in a detailed report, which will include information regarding the systems and applications that were found accessible to unwanted parties from the Internet. In addition, the report will include details per the vulnerability potential impact and recommendations to mitigate them.

The External Penetration Test which explores the organization’s perimeter defense is a Data Security Audit corner stone and is also a major analysis tool in the organization’s Cyber defense readiness.