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Internal Penetration Test

The test objective is designed to identify the damage potential from a guest or a casual hacker who gains access to the organizational network with no permissions and without any prior knowledge on its architecture.

This test demonstrates the damage potential of unsecured network architecture or configuration by exploiting data security vulnerabilities to gain administrative privilege over critical servers. Once the privilege is gained, IPV Security’s professional Ethical Hacker qualifies the vulnerability by extracting confidential information available across the domain such as: users/passwords, financial data, marketing plans, sales reports etc.

The test results are then concluded in a detailed report, which will include information regarding the systems and applications that were found accessible to unwanted parties from within the organizational network. In addition, the report will include details per the vulnerability potential impact and recommendations to mitigate them.
The test is performed inside the customer’s network (LAN) and explores potential risk from internal, external parties and from partners (i.e. suppliers, contractors, freelancers) that are connected to the LAN.