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Cloud Security

Cloud services, in its available models (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), brought organizations an on demand access to virtually unlimited infrastructure resources (CPU, Memory, Storage etc.) and the ability to roll out new business applications fast.

The growing trend of this service model brought IT executives to rely on the security measures set by its provider. 

However, each cloud service model presents data security challenges that if left unaddressed might expose the organization's critical information assets to various vulnerabilities.

IPV Security offers a data security audit designed to highlight the potential vulnerabilities resulting from the use of cloud service to the organizational critical business assets. The audit covers security topics such as:

  • Application Architecture and Processes
  • Authentication Mechanism and User's roles
  • Installed APIs and 3rd party Web Services
  • Mobile ClientsManagement

The audit findings will be concluded in a detailed report, which will include analysis of the vulnerabilities impact potential and recommended remediation measures.