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Various sectors such as banking, insurance, healthcare, e-commerce etc. are required to comply with mandatory regulations. Other sectors might adopt voluntary data security standards...

in order to gain competitive advantage or to ensure that data security is addressed in a structured manner. In both cases gaining and maintaining compliance, requires specialty and effort to cover:

  • Analysis of which data security regulation binds the organization (PCI-DSS, SOX, Basel II/III) or which security standards (ISO 27K family, COBIT Risk Management) can best serve its business needs
  • Analysis of the existing compliance gaps
  • Design and implementation of the regulation or standard framework and compliance infrastructure
  • Ownership of the external audit process, either during the first certification or at the periodic inspection done by a certified third party
  • Supervision over the required corrective actions (gaps) specified during the external audit

IPV Security's Governance, Regulation and Compliance (GRC) experts have successfully provided consulting services to various organizations. By using our professional consulting service, these organizations not only increased the probability of compliance, but it also reduced their effort required to meet or maintain it.