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Data Security

Pro-Active, Critical Business Assets, Processes and Regulation driven Risk Management

Protecting your Information is our expertise! IT Security Risk Auditing is what we do best.

IPV Security’s services are designed to significantly reduce the exposure of its customer’s critical data assets to cyber-attacks by establishing proactive and passive security controls and defense layers.

Our services are divided into three main categories:

  • Risk Audit and Assessments (Visibility) – Periodic audits, tests and risk assessments
  • Monitoring and Alerting (Detection) – Real time defense using advanced monitoring and alert systems
  • Compliance and Consulting (Prevention) – Data security policy and procedures, data security standard certification and annual audits

IPV Security’s services are focused on the management of data security risks, optimized for each organization with relation to its size, geographical span, Information Technologies' complexity, industry etc.

Our methodology is driven by the desire to assist our customers with optimizing resource management while reducing the likelihood of exposure of their critical data assets by mapping, planning and auditing data security layers.

The results are focused on the customer’s core business to minimize damage (such as: reputation damage, lawsuits, fines, etc.) by maintaining the Information Security's CIA principles:

  1. Confidentiality and authenticity of critical data
  2. Integrity and validity of data
  3. Availability of the data and production environment

The benefits of a proactive and passive defense implementation are:

− Zero day attack detection

− Ongoing monitoring and control over the organization’s active data security layers

− Updated summary of the organization’s critical data assets

− Optimal resources planning and allocation of resources based on the priority derived from the organization’s needs

− Significant reduction of data security incidents' impact 

− etc…