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Make educated decisions; gain visibility and knowledge.

Do you know where your crtical data is?
Do you know what is your security status?

...or do you prefer not to know!!!

Risk Audit and Assessment (Visibility)

Visibility is the first and foremost important feature when building your security strategy as part of your risk management process. The core asset for making your decisions is the knowledgebase upon which you rely on.

This security knowledgebase, or as we call it, cyber-ware, consists of three building blocks:

  • In-depth knowledge of your data assets, critical processes and obligatory regulations – knowing which part of your data is confidential, where it resides, which processes require 24x7 availability of data, what are the implications in case of a security breach, etc.
  • Knowledge of the organization's security status and its gaps – four layers build your security strategy: physical infrastructure, information technology, human awareness, and established processes, policies and procedures. Analyzing your gaps in each of these layers is an important part of your cyber-ware.
  • Know your enemies and understand the industry trends - finally, before you build your security strategy you need to know who might want to breach your data confidentiality, what are the most viable risks and what is their likelihood for them to hit your organization.

We, at IPV Security, have built a framework to quickly help you build your cyber-ware knowledge base and assist you in building a comprehensive and cost-effective security strategy.

We can map your data assets and critical processes (link), review your security policies and procedures (link), analyze your compliance gaps (link), and assess your information technology readiness, both in the application and the infrastructure layers.

Our team of security consultants and ethical hackers are just one click away!